5 Best Baby Bibs That Solve Your Drool And Spit-Up Problems


As a new parent, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the choices that are out there for your baby. They come in different sizes, materials, and for a variety of purposes and age groups.  Whew! That’s why we’re here to help you discover the ideal bib for your baby that have been tried and tested and stand the test of time.

From breastfeeding to weaning babies, a whole lot of mess is involved including drool, spit-up, vomit and even large spills… but having the right kind of bib for the job can save you a lot of headache and stress.

A great bib will help not only keep your baby’s clothes clean but will offer wearable comfort and ease of use in your daily life with your newborn, baby or toddler.



Love: Pocket for Heavy Spills / Waterproof / Adjustable / Beads Wont Yank Off
Don’t Like: Waterproof Material May Overheat, Rigid Plastic Isn’t As Flexible As Cloth

BEST USE: Catching Spills

If you only want to buy one or two bibs, and you want it to fit various sizes and ages of child comfortably, protect their clothes adequately, and not waste any of your precious parenting time washing, drying, and folding a BIB…buy this one.

I can’t imagine a better investment. I hate doing unnecessary laundry, so the ability to just rinse these off under the faucet and have them ready for the next meal was key. Also, the pocket part of the bib is flexible, but rigid enough that it doesn’t collapse on itself – some other floppier bibs tend to just let the pocket flop closed, which basically makes it useless for catching food – this one can hold several ounces of oatmeal, yogurt, applesauce, or milk without spilling, until you take it off and dump into the sink.

Can your kid remove the bib? Sure, if he yanks hard enough – probably not a 5 month old, but a one year old, yes. Of course, a clever toddler will be able to remove almost any bib, just like he can remove his shoes and socks at the drop of a hat. None of my kids had too much trouble learning to leave the bib alone after a few days, and I really like how adjustable the neck closure is – none of this nonsense with snaps that are either tight enough to be uncomfortable on a chubby kid’s neck, or loose enough that half of the oatmeal ends up down the neck of your skinny kid.


Pros: Best Drool Bib, Built-in Burp Cloth, Built-in Jumper for Top To Bottom Coverage, Light and Breathable, 100% Natural With No Harmful Dyes Or Chemicals
Cons: Solid Color


Maybe you’re like me, and you went through 2 or 3 fancy Aden & Anais or whatever bibs every day, and piled up a good 20 bibs that were washed every week.

After using the 4-in-1 FlippyBib, I never looked back! Instead of washing bib after bib, this bib is large, soft, and best of all absorbent enough to last the whole day. Thanks to it’s dual layers when buttoned up, the bib acts like two bibs absorbing tons of drool as well as spills without flinching. It stays breathable unlike the bibs with the waterproof backing or other thin bibs that penetrate through instantly getting wet and eventually overheat your baby. Get it here – 4 bibs for $11.98 (vs. $35.96) | 1 bib reg. price $8.99

This bib solves so many other problems with it’s 4-in-1 benefits. The first is the built-in burp cloth. Postpartum grogginess can often lead you to forget or misplace things like the burp cloth.

The FlippyBib unbuttons into a burp cloth (19″ long) so you never forget it and is ready to burp right after feeding. The second and third benefit is that it offers two bibs for twice the feedings by flipping it to the other side and buttoning it up again as a drool fighting bib.

The fourth benefit is the “jumper” which offers top to bottom coverage for spit-up and vomit which is perfect for when you’re ready to head out and baby decides to spit-up on his fancy clothes. Just unbutton it and it’s ready to go in the carseat or stroller.

Having 2 to 3 bibs on hand is a good so while the baby is wearing one, you can have one in the travel bag and one in the wash. This Bib was so good, I even gave it away as a baby shower gift and the parents loved it.

FlippyBib is offering an exclusive Amazon promo right now that will probably last for a 3 days so click here


If you just started breastfeeding or soon will, THIS IS A MUST HAVE to keep your baby and clothes clean from all the breastmilk spit-up and projectile vomit. Get it here – 4 bibs for $11.98 (vs. $35.96) | 1 bib reg. price $8.99

FLIPPYBIB BUY 2 GET 2 FREE PROMO (Expires in 3 days)

Get it here – 4 bibs for $11.98 (vs. $35.96) | 1 bib reg. price $8.99


Love: Soft And Water Proof, Machine Safe, Cute Patterns, Flexible and Foldable, Adjustable Velcro
Don’t Like: Waterproof Material May Overheat



After you start using these bibs by Bumpkins, you’ll realize your whole bib collection was obsolete, because a single 3-pack is all you need. These don’t need to be laundered. Just rinse in the sink and squeeze them out after each feeding. Either way – for feeding, this is the bib you need. The cloth ones might be better for teething drool, but for messy high chair feedings, nothing beats this.

The fabric holds up really well and the soft Velcro side closure still functions great. When the closure is closed properly to child’s neck it is unlikely for any food, drool or drink to sneak in. You can rinse them after baby eats with a bit of dishwashing liquid, rinse well, air dry and they are good as new and completely dry before the next meal. You can also wash them in the washer and dry them in the dryer and they still look great.

The pocket of the bib collects excess food and liquid as intended. The fabric is thin and light weight yet it creates a great barrier between your child and the food and liquids they consume. The bibs hold their colors true even years later. The designs available are versatile and will please anyone’s eyes. The bib fabric is long and wide enough to cover your little one. I keep some in my diaper bag and they barely take up space even when folded. I highly recommend these bibs.


Love: Super Soft, Good for Teething, Stylish – No Tag In Front, Pack of 10, Machine Washable
Don’t Like: Can’t Machine Wash, Very Little Coverage, Lose Color After Wash, Slight Pillage, Not Good For Eating



The MiiYoung fleece drool bibs are ideal for their absorbency and also very soft. The 10 pack is a good value for the price ($19.95) and the colors are varied enough so that you can mostly match any outfit your baby’s wearing. They have 2 snaps on either side allowing for 3 size options. Because of the way they are shaped and and sit closer to the neck by design, they catch more mess!

I would not recommend these bibs for eating as much of the food will likely spill on to his shirt or pants. You also have the option of two snaps so you can make it snug or loose depending on what he’s doing at the moment. The back-sides are a nice soft fleece-like material that washes well.



Love: Full Sleeve Coverage, Waterproof, Secure Closure, Spill Catcher
Don’t Like: Waterproof May Cause Overheating



A unique feature of this bib is that the sleeves have an elastic like cuff which helps keep food out of the arms. Your baby will definitely stay clean and dry eating messy spaghetti meals and during the spills that come with learning how to drink from cups. They’re even perfect to use at restaurants because they pack well and save you from having to change clothes while out.

Best of all, if you’re used to having to undress your baby down to his diaper during meals at home, now you don’t have to. This may be come as a negative to some who prefer velcro, but the bib comes with a string tie. Also, the pouch has a couple of little stitches to divid it in half but you can easily clip the stitches if you prefer the pouch to be one large opening without damage.

These bibs do what most other bibs can’t: prevent food from falling to the baby’s lap AND prevent stains on sleeves. It’s not 100% perfect, but it will prevent a majority of the food that misses the pockets of other bibs. Even the giant expensive bibs will leave food settled at the baby’s side and squished under his butt by the end of his dinner.

Not that you know about our favorite bibs, you can get a sense of the bib that will work for your lifestyle!

Again, don’t miss out on the FlippyBib Special if you haven’t tried the bib yet!


If you just started breastfeeding or soon will, THIS IS A MUST HAVE to keep your baby and clothes clean from all the breastmilk spit-up and projectile vomit. Get it here – 4 bibs for $11.98 (vs. $35.96) | 1 bib reg. price $8.99

FLIPPYBIB BUY 2 GET 2 FREE PROMO (Expires in 3 days)

Get it here – 4 bibs for $11.98 (vs. $35.96) | 1 bib reg. price $8.99

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