5 Surprising Things New Moms Need For Their Baby Now


1. Owlet Baby Monitor

Love: Connects with phone / Shows heart rate and oxygen levels / Comfortable / Peace of mind
Don’t Like: Price (Although they offer refurbished ones for cheaper)

BEST USE: Peace Of Mind

If you’re constantly worried about your baby and checking up on him, you need this monitor in your life. It will always let you know how your baby is doing right from your phone so you don’t have to run and check every few minutes.

Best of all, it will light up and notify you if anything is something’s wrong. There has never been a device that’s dedicated to seeing your baby’s real time stats from anywhere. The price is quite hefty at approx. $299 but sometimes you can also find refurbished ones for cheaper. Is the price worth it? Well it depends. What’s a good nights sleep worth to you?

How does it work? Anything under 60 and over 220 will set it off, as well as oxygen levels falling below 80% will set it off. A yellow light and nursery song will play if it’s not installed properly on your baby’s foot and a red light and alarm will set off if something is wrong. Simple but effective for peace of mind.

2.  4-in-1 Breastfeeding Baby Bib

Pros: Best Drool Bib, Built-in Burp Cloth, Built-in Jumper for Top To Bottom Coverage, Light and Breathable, 100% Natural With No Harmful Dyes Or Chemicals, Good price ($8.99)
Cons: Solid Color

BEST USE: Breastfeeding keep clothes clean top to bottom and you can burp with it.

Maybe you’re like me, and you went through 2 or 3 fancy Aden & Anais or whatever bibs every day, and piled up a good 20 bibs that were washed every week.

After using the 4-in-1 FlippyBib, I never looked back! Instead of washing bib after bib, this bib is large, soft, and best of all absorbent enough to last the whole day. Thanks to it’s dual layers when buttoned up, the bib acts like two bibs absorbing tons of drool as well as spills without flinching. It stays breathable unlike the bibs with the waterproof backing or other thin bibs that penetrate through instantly getting wet and eventually overheat your baby.

This bib solves so many other problems with it’s 4-in-1 benefits. The first is the built-in burp cloth. Postpartum grogginess can often lead you to forget or misplace things like the burp cloth. The FlippyBib unbuttons into a burp cloth (19″ long) so you never forget it and is ready to burp right after feeding. The second and third benefit is that it offers two bibs for twice the feedings by flipping it to the other side and buttoning it up again as a drool fighting bib.

The fourth benefit is the “jumper” which offers top to bottom coverage for spit-up and vomit which is perfect for when you’re ready to head out and baby decides to spit-up on his fancy clothes. Just unbutton it and it’s ready to go in the carseat or stroller.

Having 2 to 3 bibs on hand is a good so while the baby is wearing one, you can have one in the travel bag and one in the wash. This Bib was so good, I even gave it away as a baby shower gift and the parents loved it.

If you just started breastfeeding, keep your baby and clothes clean from all the breastmilk spit-up and projectile vomit. Here’s a discount for a 4 pack of FlippyBib’s for only $11.98 here. (Reg. $35.96 | Expires in 3 days)

Click the link to get your 4 bibs for only $11.98 now >> Buy Now!

3. DockATot Deluxe Dock

Love: Know your baby is OK, Feels like a womb, Good for Tummy Time, Creates a nice micro-climate, Portable
Don’t Like: Buckle feels cheap, Pricey ($258)

BEST USE: Napper For Fussy Babies


The dock helps to keep babies on their back because it “snuggles” them a bit but even if your baby likes to lie on the side it is safe in the dock because the materials are breathable.

Some parents have sworn that this is the ONLY thing their baby would sleep in. If your baby is always fussy and crying about after an hour of sleep, maybe it’s time to give it a shot with the dock – for your own sanity. We bought this on a crazy whim after an advertisement showed up somewhere with one of Brad Pitts kids in it. Sure the price was high as heck, but this thing has saved our sanity.

There are some things that I don’t like about it, which is having to take it all apart to clean and then putting it back together again. Is this creating a crutch for sleep? Maybe, but you can probably think of plenty of thing you did to put your baby to sleep that wasn’t so conventional. This may not be a cure all for everyone but the darn near 200 bucks saved our sanity.

I will also add that my son would drool/sweat a lot and I would clean this thing weekly. It reached a point that the pad even after cleaning it was stained dark (not sure it was mold exactly) but would be great if I could have bought another pad. Still, it was not a deal breaker.


Love: On the go swaddle, Good for bonding, Multi-purpose
Don’t Like: Can’t Machine Wash, Very Little Coverage, Lose Color After Wash, Slight Pillage, Not Good For Eating

Best Use: Great for Multi-tasking and Walking around


A recent study showed that carrying your baby at least three hours a day reduces crying and fussing 43% during the day, and 51% at night (Pediatrics Magazine). Babies are happier, they have less need to cry, and parents enjoy their babies more as a result.

We also love the fact that this sling helps create sort of a bond. More constant feeding, touching, eye contact and cuddling releases greater levels of the “Love Hormone” Oxytocin. Elevated levels of Oxytocin mean you literally fall in love with your baby to a greater degree than you otherwise would. The more you wear the more you love.

This wrap washes well in the wash machine. It’s fabric is long and stretchy with a soft feel. The wrap itself is very easy to work – you can watch youtube videos to get it down. It takes about 60 seconds total to get yourself wrapped and another 60 seconds to get the baby in and properly positioned. If you have a fussy little guy, he’ll be sure to fall right asleep within minutes and immediately calm down. It hugs them tight in all the right places and the baby sits nice and cozy on your chest giving your hands the freedom and flexibility to do whatever you need to go and get done.

This is especially helpful if you’re very active or even have other high energy toddlers that you have to chase around. It’s very convenient from housework to walking around the zoo so he can experience all the animals. You can start wearing this as early as 3 weeks old and even older, up to 14 pounds. The wrap is way more conducive for a newborn than the Ergo with newborn insert, which is better with sturdier babies. Get this wrap, you wont be disappointed.


5. Boppy Newborn Lounger

Love: Perfect for awake time, Soft and wipeable fabric, Up to 16 pound, Portable            Don’t Like: Can’t remove the cover to wash

BEST USE: Lounging Around Anywhere

This is something that we highly recommend. Your newborn can start using this from day 1. Instead of always placing your baby in a bouncer or other things that aren’t so mobile, this boppy helps your baby get involved with you during the day. I’ve also found its great for reducing reflux after feelings by keeping her slightly upright.

I would caution that you always attend your baby and never put this on an elevated surface. When your baby gets a little older, she may start to get her little feet anchored on the bottom of the pillow and push herself up over the top. That can be a very scary thing!

While it says it’s for newborns, you can even have a 3mo+ use it. It is super cushiony and comfortable. Your baby will seem very relaxed to just lay back and chill out on a giant pillow! We’ve also used the horseshoe shaped boppy which is great for breastfeeding, but doesn’t work as well as this one for laying. Even if you plan on having another baby, you can use it all over again for your next newborn and it will pay for itself by that time.

Best of all, the case keeps it clean and is easy to put in and take out. Both the case and the boppy have a handle so it’s easy to carry while cradling a baby.

Again, don’t miss out on the FlippyBib Special if you haven’t tried the bib yet – give it a shot!

If you just started breastfeeding, keep your baby and clothes clean from all the breastmilk spit-up and projectile vomit. Here’s a discount for a 4 pack of FlippyBib’s for only $11.98 here. (Reg. $35.96 | Expires in 3 days)



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