How To Breastfeed Without Constantly Changing Your Clothes



Imagine that you’re breastfeeding just before heading out for the day with your baby and milk pours out of his mouth or worse projectiles over his short little bib only to land all over your baby’s legs and on you. This takes so much of your time because you have to change him and your own clothes all over again!

This is not something you want to deal with when you’re feeding every 2 hours!

Now imagine the FlippyBib completely protecting your baby top to bottom as well as covering you from spit-up. This is a lifesaver!


After you’re done breastfeeding and you need to burp your baby, you don’t have to worry about getting spit-up all over your neck because your burp cloth moved from your baby’s fussiness.

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If you just started breastfeeding, keep your baby and clothes clean from all the breastmilk spit-up and projectile vomit. Here’s a discount for a 4 pack of FlippyBib’s for only $11.98 here. (Reg. $35.96 | Expires in 3 days)

The FlippyBib helps with this because it doesn’t have to come off of your baby while burping. Just hold your baby over your left or right shoulder until the bib falls over the shoulder and lays flat. This will ensure that none of the spit-up falls through the cracks and will always land on the bib. It’s also wide and long enough to lay flat over your shoulder like a traditional bib for nap time shown below.

Postpartum grogginess can also lead you to forget or misplace things like your burp cloth. With FlippyBib, you’ll always have your built-in burp cloth around your baby’s neck always ready to go.

Once you’re done burping, you can flip the bib to a fresh new side for a second feeding while concealing the prior mess!

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Get the FlippyBib here – 4 bibs for $11.98 (vs. $35.96) | 1 bib reg. price $8.99


A nice little way that I have used the bib is during tummy time. It’s thick enough to catch all his drool and spit-up and is wide enough to catch anything as he moves side to side. If you’ve tried other bibs for tummy time, it can often lead to redness in the face because the cloth is rough on their skin.

FlippyBib is made of super soft 100% organic muslin cotton so that when your baby is tired and puts his face to the ground his face will feel a smooth cotton that is soft enough for his gentle skin.

The Jumper feature is super useful for after you’ve fed the baby and he’s laying in the bouncer, stroller or carseat. The bumpiness from ride can sometimes cause reflux and get milk everywhere.

Just by extending the bib, you can get full coverage during playtime, nap time or during travel so your baby is protected and stays dry which means less crying.

The bib carries well because it’s light and is highly packable. It’s a good idea to have 2 to 3 FlippyBibs on hand so while the baby is wearing one, you can have one in the travel bag and one in the wash. This bib is so good, you’ll even consider giving it as a baby shower gift that any new parent will thank you for.


This breastfeeding bib is perfect for you if you’re always going through bibs like I do. Instead of washing bib after bib, this bib is large, soft enough for your baby’s face so it won’t scratch, and absorbent enough to last pretty much the whole day.

When buttoned up, the bib acts like two bibs absorbing tons of drool as well as spills. It also stays breathable enough that it wont overheat like the bibs with waterproof backing or thin bibs that penetrate through causing overheating.

While there are a lot of bibs on the market, majority of them fall short when it comes to breastfeeding. The FlippyBib is ready to make your feeding easier and cleaner in an instant.


If you just started breastfeeding or soon will, THIS IS A MUST HAVE to keep your baby and clothes clean from all the breastmilk spit-up and projectile vomit. Get it here – 4 bibs for $11.98 (vs. $35.96) | 1 bib reg. price $8.99

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Get it here – 4 bibs for $11.98 (vs. $35.96) | 1 bib reg. price $8.99

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