How To Safely Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

Get Your Pre-Pregnancy Weight Back With Our 11 Essential Tips Below

You had your beautiful baby after spending so much time in your belly, but now you’re at a cross-roads with how to get your body back vs. making sure you keep a high quality milk supply for your little one.


If you were working out in before the pregnancy, chances are, you’ll be a bit more motivated to get results. But if you weren’t, this is a great way to start.

Wait until your check up at 6 weeks before beginning any workout regimen, or at least 2 months if you’re breastfeeding so that it can normalize. Remember, breastfeeding is also effectively helping you to shed weight naturally so don’t feel the need to jump in too fast.

The secret isn’t to rush all of the weight off, but to take it off slowly and safely just as you put the weight on and let the snowball effect carry you to a newer healthier version of yourself – without sacrificing milk for your baby.

The Risks Of Working Out Too Early Postpartum

Your mind may be on track to losing weight, but your body may not be. Postpartum recovery is crucial for your body because you’re still recovering from the big 3: unstable joints, weakened abs, and a weakened pelvic floor which can lead to those accidental leaks when you sneeze, cough, or lift heavy objects. All three are healing during postpartum and may take longer for some and a shorter period of time for others.

Talk to your physician if she feels that you’re ready to go. And of course, you should feel comfortable during movements without feeling much pain.


Your focus should be on activities like light stretching, walking, and anything that helps strengthen your pelvic floor. You should stay away form doing most yoga poses.

Disclaimer: I am not a healthcare professional – these are my personal tips from my own experience and I strongly advise you to seek a professional if you have any concerns when trying to lose weight postpartum.

Find Your “WHY?” First

Before starting any regimen that can be a long process, it’s important to have a WHY. Why are you trying to lose weight? If your why isn’t important enough, you may find it more challenging to focus and stick with it when the going get’s tough.


Your “why” can be a reminder that is something so important to you that you won’t let anything get in the way of your goal or plan. 

A strong “WHY” can be because you want an abundance of energy and be to stay healthy to take care of your baby for years to come. To endure stressful events. To give the best version of your self to your family. And looking as good as you feel doesn’t hurt either.

You may even notice this type of healthy mentality helping you in other aspects of your life to help you reach any goal. Your why can be a reminder for why you’re challenging yourself in the first place and to never, ever give up.

Exercises to Avoid Right After Your Pregnancy

There are many exercises you will be ready to jump into, but we recommend not jumping at all for some time – at least not until you’re all healed up. As we stated already, stay away from jumping, plyometrics, running, and even most yoga poses. Your pelvic floor is weak and so is your abdominal wall so any kind of abrupt movement can cause further damage and you may even notice leakage.


Stay away from doing deadlifts, planks, pushups, bent over rows, and especially avoid any type of sit ups or leg raise exercises. Zumba and spin classes are also something I would avoid to stay on the safe side to ensure you can lose weight the right way the first time around.

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How To Safely Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

Exercise For Energy And Baby Carrying Strength

Losing weight happens not so much by how much you’re exercising, but more about what you’re eating and how much of it. Exercise is like burning the candle from both ends to help you get there faster because as your muscles get leaner, you’ll naturally burn more calories even when you’re not in the gym.


You’ll notice that you require less coffee because of the natural boost of energy from more blood flowing through your body. The biggest benefit is that you’ll avoid all sorts of back problems from carrying your baby by integrating a workout and getting stronger. As he gets bigger, you’ll be able to manage him better – even in one handed situations when you’re trying to multi-task.

You may want to spend most of your time in the gym to do cardio exercises, but you’re much better off doing light lifting exercises and less cardio if any at all. If you’re breastfeeding, you’re engorged breasts will feel uncomfortable unless you’re wearing a very supportive support bra.

Cardio encourages more weight loss in the short-term, but you are also risking your milk supply due to dehydration and losing weight too quickly.

Eat More. Eat Often. 

As you work out, you’re body is losing lots of water and electrolytes through sweat. Many women report that their milk supply will dramatically reduce after an intense workout and this is probably due to dehydration and not getting enough food.

Your body consumes up to 500 calories a day depending on how much milk you’re making. If you’r not eating enough, you’ll to feel weaker and your milk production will slow. If anything, weight lifting will make you feel intense hunger and you’ll want to eat anything you can get your hands on so be careful in what you stock up on.


Eat at least small 6 meals a day with snacks included that can range from fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and lean protein. If you’re breastfeeding, you can lose about a 1 pound and 1/2 per week to ensure your milk supply is still flowing.

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Don’t Skip Meals To Lose Weight

This is a hard rule because it’s so easy to do by justifying how busy you were. While it may sound backwards, skipping meals will actually encourage your body to go into survival mode to hang on to every bit of fat you eat because it will think it is not getting enough energy to make milk.

If you’re always eating, your body will realize that food is always coming and will be more willing to work with you and not against you to lose the extra weight.

Stay Away From Fad Diets And Exercises. More often than not, they’re shortcuts that promise quick results but typically cause the opposite results. Use your energy on a steady regimen that’s proven to work in a safe and healthy manner.

Stay Hydrated To Keep Your Milk Flowing

Once you start working out, you’re going to start feeling very thirsty and continue to feel thirsty. Your body needs more water to keep up with your new lifestyle and to continue to produce breastmilk. Your baby doesn’t need water since breastmilk is naturally hydrating.


If you’re finding yourself very busy and forgetting, keep a reusable water bottle on on hand to ensure you always have it by your side and sip throughout the day. You can even add some fruits or lemons to make it more satisfying. You don’t have to drink more than you need in an effort to make more breastmilk because it won’t. Drink to your thirst or you’ll find yourself going to the bathroom all the time.

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How To Safely Lose Weight While Breastfeeding Your Baby

Sugar Is Your Enemy

Avoid sweetened drinks such as juice (even 100% natural stuff doesn’t cut it), soda, etc. This is because you never want to drink your calories, instead you want to eat them so you can get slow releasing fuel through the day and feel fuller between meals and snacks. A sugar crash is the last thing you want when your baby is wide awake and needs your attention.


If you’re not careful about anticipating hunger, you’ll often go for the quick snacks that have tons of sugar packed in them even if they claim to be healthy. It’s just not worth it.

Meal Prep To Avoid Sugar Traps

You can fight your impulsive behavior by preparing cut up veggies and fruits in advance so they’re ready to go when hunger strikes. Planning ahead of time is beneficial not only to maintain your energy efficiently, but also offers the vital nutrition found it healthy foods to your baby.


If you don’t have the time to meal prep, there are plenty of services that offer healthy prepared food that’s practically ready to eat.

Walking Is Exercise Too

When you have one of those days that you just don’t have the energy to hit the gym, go for a nice walk. It can be long or short. But just go. Walking is very great for daily stress relief to clear your mind as well as helping with digestion. When you have a body that is working on all levels, you will notice everything just clicks and fires on all cylinders.

When you can’t go outdoors, strap on your baby carrier and walk around the house while you do activities or even read your favorite book to your baby.

Stay Away From Fad Diets And Exercises. More often than not, they’re shortcuts that promise quick results but typically cause the opposite results. Use your energy on a steady regimen that’s proven to work in a safe and healthy manner.

Sleep For Recovery. Meditate For Stress.

Sleep is helpful for a quite a few things. But the number one thing is to keep your mind right which in turn will help keep your body in gear and on track to losing weight. It’s tough with a newborn, but you will have to find openings throughout the day to take naps or even sleep early when your baby sleeps if you can do so.

When you sleep, your body is not only helping to reorganize your thoughts by getting rid of toxins that gather over time, but also help your body to recover from exercising. When you’re well rested, your mind and body will function much smoother and in sync. Often times, a lack of sleep can be counterproductive and keep the pounds from shedding.


Meditating for 15 – 20 minutes in the morning or at night can go a long way in helping to reduce stress and help your overall well being. Your brain will literally change and shift more towards mindfulness and a relaxed state. This will help in the long run to make better decisions and judgement calls for the day.

I hope you found these insights helpful on your journey to a healthier new you that is ready to take on any challenge that’s thrown your way. If you have any questions, post a comment and I will directly reply to you ASAP.




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