About Us

I never thought I would come up with an idea like this, but to tell you the truth, the idea chose me. My name is Denish Ghayal and I’m the inventor of FlippyBib and I want to share with you how this bib came to be in the first place.

My wife and I recently had a baby boy of our own on August 10, 2018 and he’s about 2 weeks old now. We’re thrilled to say the least. Baby is healthy and mom is still recovering due to some postpartum complications after the C-Section. It has been a long challenging, but we’ve since figured out how to get our lives back to normal.

While this is my first baby, I’ve had experience with helping to raise my brothers kids when I lived with him in my younger days. I was unemployed at the time and while he was at work, I’d watch his newborns until he returned home. I was exciting and nervous all at the same time. I had first hand experience with all the spit up, diaper changes, spills, crying, but also learned a few secrets to putting baby to sleep quick along the way! I can tell you this helped experience has helped tremendously with my newborn.

Fast forward a few years, and most of my friends began having their babies. I remember going to the stores to find gifts and looking through all the different products. The frustrations I’ve experienced raising my niece came rushing back to me, which was the lack of options and solutions to a BIG problem we all face with something we use every single day!


Bibs in the market today are thin, wimpy, and SINGLE-USE, easily getting wet from drool, spills and vomit which OVERHEAT your baby and makes them (and mom and dad) miserable!


I knew there was a better way. I simply asked my self how I could improve the way bibs are made today? How can I make them more efficient? I became sort of obsessed with these questions.

The answer came to me late one night as I was laying in bed. I quickly drew a sketch of what the idea looked like in my head and the very next day, I headed to JoAnn Fabrics to create the very first prototype. It was not pretty. Lol.

After a year of developing the idea with various fabrics, buttons, and other details, the FlippyBib was born. Taking the space and weight of just one garment, the new bib was a 4-in-1 to offer 2 feedings, a Burp Cloth, and Jumper – all-in-one!

When buttoned, FlippyBib acts like two bibs for superior absorption and double the protection. When you’re ready for a new bib, simply flip for a fresh clean new side and you’re ready for a second feeding all while containing the prior mess. NOTHING on the market does what this bib does!

And new moms know all too well how brain fog can make nursing more stressful and frustrating. Now, they didn’t have to go looking for that evasive burp cloth after feedings. FlippyBib unbuttons into a large burp cloth and is always ready to burp your baby without ever taking it off, so it’s always by your side.

The Jumper extends for top to bottom coverage and is perfect for special outings because it keeps shirts and pants clean from messy stinky projectile vomit. It’s especially useful for babies born with Meconium Aspiration Syndrome. This chronic condition often leads to heavy vomiting which occurs ­more frequent than tired mothers can keep up with.

Best of all, FlippyBib is made of a super breathable yet absorbent 100% organic muslin cotton that get’s softer with every wash.

After sharing this product with my friends with kids, and seeing how they loved how easy and versatile it was, I had to share this Idea with the rest of the world, and well…the rest as they say is history.

I want parents to be able to spend every minute with their kids doing the things they love and not worry about the small things that can get us frustrated and tired. So today, I invite you to experience what I believe is the best and easiest bib that’s out in the market right now.


Denish Ghayal, FlippyBib Creator